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From the Ruin Bar to the 1500 sq.m. workshop
Model Area
350 sq.m., 2 projectors, 2 screens, from 80 up to 600 people.
Here they made wooden prototypes of machine tools in order to properly produce them in metal, now this area is used for
the production of cultural innovations
220 sq.m., dance floor covering, work tables.
This is an open space for creativity

The whole plant grew out of this workshop which seemed at the time of construction as gigantic as from a seed – and now this is a cosy blackbox
1000 sq.m., rooflight dome, no heating
There was a workshop for wood processing,
now – the gallery and the "summerspace" art-residence
1500 sq.m., a screen, no heating
Brutal industrial interior with rough walls and steel columns
Street scene
Steel dryer room which has acquired a music heart

Ruin Bar
A place for informal creative communication (and dancing)

Romkocsma (Ruin-bar in Hungarian) is a special place intended to break the ice (not only in your glasses but also in your souls) and combining three creative directions: tea, coffee and alcohol roads.
Fresh Mule
Excellent refreshing cocktail having a pleasant and exceptional taste thanks to a combination of citrus and mint hints.
Shift mule
Combination of vodka, coffee liqueur and fruit infusion contributes to the sweetness and the strength of this cocktail.
Elder Tonic
Rum, tonic and elderberry syrup empower this drink with the magic filling this evening with a spirit of adventure.
Sweet taste of blueberry puree and strength of gin – this cocktail has everything to be popular.
Ok - sixteen
Cocktail from vodka, apple juice and honey with a pleasant and light taste
You will fall in love with this tequila drink and its ginger taste
Opinion leaders about us
We asked, they responded
Actress of the plays "Opium" and "Suchilischa"
«I like unusual things, something new to me, it is always extremely interesting! This was the case of OK16. Frankly speaking, I was scared during the first rehearsals. «Whether will there a theatre magic in this former industrial space?» It took place, but it was a magic of another nature. An exceptional magic. All people of Ok16 (its team, spectators) are on the same page. Everyone smiles and this is wonderful! No matter what takes place here (an exhibition, a play, shootings, a party or a lady cleaning the floor, the space gives to do much and you want to go back time and again as a creator or a spectator!..»

Performer (Moscow)
«Oktiabrskaya is the livliest Minsk street gentrificated by the local community. The OK16 Hub is located at 16 bld. This is an urbanistic and nicely brutal space. One could feel, the OK16 team works hard to get the best and it succeds in that. The coolest things take place here. New ideas, formats and names are born thanks to efforts of such enthusiasts and this is very encouraging. The OK16 guys are hostitable, friendly and "human". Our work with you was a real pleasure!»
Creator and organizer of the parties "Мечта" ("Dream")
«The work with the OK16 team was my nicest working experience. OK16 is a cohesive team having a rational role assignment and also excellent personal skills: its members are nice, interesting and educated people. In my opinion, one of the most important advantages of the OK16 Hub lies on this fact. I was always treated with respect and tolerance. I think, that Ok16 has great prospects: the cultural hub moves forward in the right direction. I remember the project launch and compare with the current realities: a huge number of diverse events takes place in this space. OK16 breathes and lives its own life. It's even difficult to reserve the date before the New Year! I thought that it would be the case and I am really glad to see an achieved progress! I hope we will continue to cooperate for the benefit of our wonderful city!..»
Artist (Poland/Germany)
Justina KOEKE
I liked a lot a cooperation and I am very happy to have had the possibility to see the young artistic scene in Minsk. That was a very interesting experience. I liked a lot of our part with music mixed with performances because it worked in completely spontaneous way. I also liked a very involved public! I am really interested how this place will develop.
Instagram @ok16minsk
ОК16 life in photos
You can find us here
You can walk to the OK16 Cultural Hub from the Pershamaiskaya (11 min) or Praletarskaya (8 min) subway stations.

You can have a scenic 25-40 minutes stroll along the Lenin Street from the Independence Avenue, the tourist Karl Marx Street and the National Art Museum or along the Ulianovskaya street from the railway station.

You can also arrive by car (from Lenin Street to the end of the Oktiabrsiaya Street or along Smolenskaya Street to the intersection with the Oktibrskaya Street) and park your car on the free parkinf.

In planning tour trip, сhoose a walk on the Oktiabrskaya Street and enjoy the biggest street art collections in the world created whithin the framework of the Vuliza Brazil Festival with the support of the Brazilian Embassy. The art objects will lead you to the OK16 Cultural Hub.
OK16 Team
ОК16 family is always welcoming
guests and new friends!
George Zaborski
Founder and Director
Siarhei Shchamialiov
Deputy Development Director
Dina Leonova
Art Director
Olga Titova
Client Service Manager
Inna Kavalionak
Coordinator for theatre and performance projects
Veranika Mitsevich
Coordinator for artistic and exhibition projects
Levon Halatrian
Ruin Bar OK16 Managing Director
Katia Kanapliova
SMM Manager
Alexei Basalaj
System Administrator
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