first full exhibition of alex rodzim + 50 other artists
Mythologeme of the millenium
Underground bridge Minsk-Berlin

Painting. Graphics. Installations
Total Ales Rodim exposure
The exposition will be open until September 28 (13:00 - 21:00).
20:00 - Dah. Concert Program (Fantastic Swimmers Pianist Team)
20:00 - Cain. Performance by L. Mashkovich
17:00 - Dah. Concert program (a big concert in memoram of Leonid Narushevich "Prince Myshkin, In Memoriam")
19:00 - An evening in memory of Tadeusz Reitan (historical reports, musical and literary performances, screening of documentaries).
19:00 - Dah. Concert of the cover band Miracles & Tabor
17:00 - Theater Festival "Ghosts of Faust". Rene Lehmann, Knut Enderlein, InZhest

The Belarusian-German project is dedicated to the phenomenon of the Belarusian component of the Taheles art squat, a huge empty building in the center of Berlin, which was captured by independent artists and activists. In the 1990s, it became a kind of cultural bridge connecting the Belarusian and European underground.
Ales Rodim used his workshop in the territory of Taheles to promote Belarusian art abroad, until in 2012 people burst into balaclavas and arrested his work. It took a year for the works to return to the artist with the help of German authorities.
The center of the art festival is the Opus magnum of the artist - the painting "Millennium Mythologies", the size of which is about 15 by 4 meters. It was created over five years and will be on display in Minsk along with many other works by Rodim, as well as the works of dozens of other artists and performers from Belarus, Taheles and all over Europe.
The curator of the exhibition, Ilya Sin, draws attention to: "The wind of change has finally reached Minsk, which today hardly anyone would call an island of stagnation. And it is very symbolic that the baton of Taheles is intercepted by the cultural hub Ok16, new in every sense. It's the hub that is now actively building a new bridge - both between the creators of mythologies in art and the audience, and between cultural situations in different countries. "

Opening of the Ales Rodim exhibition "Mythology of the Millennium"
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