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September 7, 19:00
Photographer Petrov Ahner
Artist talk
Petrov Ahner, born in 1965, worked as a fashion and portrait photographer in Paris for 15 years from 1994, after his assistantship in Munich and Miami. The political development in France since the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, the tightening of immigration laws and the personal involvement as a foreigner led Ahner to use photography as a means of political engagement.

The gentrification and sometimes rapid changes in Berlin's reality were perceived as disillusioning. From the beginning of 2010 until its closure in September 2012, Ahner photographed everyday life and the struggle of the „Kunsthaus Tacheles" and its artists against investors as an official photographer.

On the initiative of the Italian artist and then curator of Tacheles, Barbara Fragogna, Petrov Ahner organized his first exhibitions in Berlin. In 2011, he simultaneously began the long-term project „Berlin Beauty". In it, Petrov Ahner looks for the face of his adopted home Berlin in self-portraits of its inhabitants, because people create a «look» and determine the rhythm of the capital. In addition to architecture, history, politics and landscape, they are their shaping and lively part. They are mirrors of the city, just as the city is its own.

Ahner shows the individual attempts to deal with dying and to create an everyday life in the last place of residence. The projects „Paris 26th floor", „Warschauer Brücke" or „Koinzidenzen" are photographs from the photographer's direct urban environment or, in It could be anywhere, the place of his youth in a small southern German town. The focus here is not on the documentary, but on his own perspectives, moods, and emotions. The everyday and seemingly banal is given something poetic, mysterious, and sometimes irritating.
Our workshops
From the Ruin Bar to the 1500 sq.m. workshop
Model Area
350 sq.m., 2 projectors, 2 screens, from 80 up to 600 people.
Here they made wooden prototypes of machine tools in order to properly produce them in metal, now this area is used for
the production of cultural innovations
220 sq.m., dance floor covering, work tables.
This is an open space for creativity

The whole plant grew out of this workshop which seemed at the time of construction as gigantic as from a seed – and now this is a cosy blackbox
1000 sq.m., rooflight dome, no heating
There was a workshop for wood processing,
now – the gallery and the "summerspace" art-residence
1500 sq.m., a screen, no heating
Brutal industrial interior with rough walls and steel columns
Street scene
Steel dryer room which has acquired a music heart

Ruin Bar
A place for informal creative communication (and dancing)

You can find us here
You can walk to the OK16 Cultural Hub from the Pershamaiskaya (11 min) or Praletarskaya (8 min) subway stations.

You can have a scenic 25-40 minutes stroll along the Lenin Street from the Independence Avenue, the tourist Karl Marx Street and the National Art Museum or along the Ulianovskaya street from the railway station.

You can also arrive by car (from Lenin Street to the end of the Oktiabrsiaya Street or along Smolenskaya Street to the intersection with the Oktibrskaya Street) and park your car on the free parkinf.

In planning tour trip, сhoose a walk on the Oktiabrskaya Street and enjoy the biggest street art collections in the world created whithin the framework of the Vuliza Brazil Festival with the support of the Brazilian Embassy. The art objects will lead you to the OK16 Cultural Hub.
OK16 Team
ОК16 family is always welcoming
guests and new friends!
George Zaborski
Siarhei Shchamialiov
Deputy Development Director
Olga Titova
Client Service Manager
Inna Kavalionak
Performing arts' projects manager
Maria Ostrovicskaya
Coordinator of artistic and exhibition projects

Levon Halatrian
Ruin Bar OK16 Managing Director
Alexei Basalaj
System Administrator
Max Kvartalny
Lights designer
Alexey Strelnikov
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